Thé Aromatisé

Thé Noir Aromatisé

Ingredients: black tea*, natural flavouring. *organic farming

The delicate flavour of the bourbon vanilla is in perfect harmony with the exquisite black tea varieties from China, Ceylon and Assam. Extracts of vanilla rods, the fruits of an orchid flower, form the base of this natural vanilla aroma. This fine spice is a true classic with harmony.


Ingredients: black tea, cream-caramel pieces (sugared skimmed condensed milk, sugar, glucose syrup, butter fat, wetting agent: sorbitol, emulsifying agent: mono- and diglycerides of edible fatty acids), flavouring. Nutrition facts (pdf downlaod) >

A well-balanced combination of sweet, roasted caramel flavours was selected for this creation. These aromas turn the classically delicate cup of black teas into a sweet, delicious taste experience.


Ingredients: black tea*, natural flavouring, raspberry leaves, freeze-dried blackcurrants and strawberry pieces. *organic farming

A strong and aromatic flavour of blueberries is combined with sweet strawberry flavours and gives the traditionally full-flavoured black tea a wonderfully fruity aroma.


Ingredients: black tea (74%), chocolate chips (sugar, ground cocoa beans with cocoa butter, cocoa powder, emulsifying agent: soy lecithin), cocoa brittle, orange peel, flavouring, orange blossoms. Nutrition facts (pdf download) >

Pleasantly sweet flavours of milky chocolate and sweet orange are in prefect balance with the aromatic black tea. The fine ingredients support the taste variety.


Ingredients: black tea*, natural flavouring, natural bergamot flavouring with other natural flavours, natural lemon flavouring. *organic farming

The absolute classic among the flavoured black teas. The noble, tangy, lemony aroma of the bergamot is known and loved around the world.


Ingredients: black tea (87%), planed almonds, Ceylon-canehl, flavouring, orange blossoms.

During the festive winter season, we offer this classic, fruity, spiced tea. Typical flavours such as cinnamon, orange and sweet cream put a smile on the tea lovers face.


Ingredients: black tea*, freeze-dried mango cubes*, marigold blossoms*, natural flavouring. *organic farming

Our fruity "must-have“! The natural mango flavour offers a broad bandwidth of fruity aromas. The typically excotic flavour is composed of fresh, slightly sweet and tangy aromas.


Ingredients: black tea (79%), orange peel, cloves, freeze-dried tangerine-orange fruit pieces, flavouring, white cornflower blossoms.

The typical, classic flavour of the black tea offers the ideal base for this creamy, fruity flavour composition. Light, fruity, nippy and round.


Ingredients: black tea (60%)*, cocoa peel*, whole cardamom pods*, natural flavouring, cinnamon pieces*.

*organic farming

Delicate black tea with flavours of spices and aromatic cocoa peel combined with smooth aromas of cream and vanilla.




Thé Vert Aromatisé

Ingredients: green tea*, natural flavouring. *organic farming

The delicate and typically grassy-herb character of the green tea offers a contrasting base for the natural vanilla flavour. The fruity-creamy aromas of this rod offer an authentic taste experience.


Ingredients: green and white tea, flavouring, jasmine blossoms.

Particularly the high quality pickings such as Jasmine Dragon Pheonix Pearls, Silver Needle, Snow Dragon and delicate China Sencha result in a premium tea blend. Hints of vanilla and jasmine as well as sweet berry notes are perfectly represented in this delicate and exceptional tea variety.


Ingredients: green and white tea (72%), apple pieces, freeze-dried kiwi and sour cherry pieces, coconut chips, flavouring, rose buds.

The combination of green and white tea results in a finely flowery and slightly tangy cup. The flavours of ripe and creamy cherries as well as fresh kiwi are combined to this very varied and harmonious taste experience.


Ingredients: green tea (68%), rose hip peel, elderberries, flavouring, freeze-dried strawberry, raspberry and rhubarb pieces.

This full-bodied as well as sweet and fruity flavour combination can be seen as a true classic. Matched with the aroma of green tea you receive a nicely fresh and fruity-sweet tea indulgence.


Ingredients: green tea* (92%), natural flavouring, apple pieces*, rose hip peel*, safflower, hibiscus blossoms*, orange peel*, marigold blossoms*. *organic farming

This tea blend combines various natural flavours of exotic fruits. Aromas of grapefruits, oranges and mangos characterise this fruity, tangy and juicy tea variety.


Ingredients: green tea*, natural flavouring, natural bergamot flavouring with other natural flavours, natural lemon flavouring, freeze-dried mango cubes*, marigold blossoms*, cornflower blossoms*. *organic farming

This varied tea blend surprises with various natural flavours such as mango, a hint of bergamot and strawberry.


Ingredients: green tea*, freeze-dried lemon peel, lemongrass, natural lemon flavouring. *organic farming

Lemongras as well as freeze-dried lemon peel support the nippy, fresh flavour of ripe lemons. The bed of green Sencha is the perfect base for this flavour combination.


Ingredients: green tea (94%), flavouring, pink rose petals, lavender blossoms, whole cardamom.

The delicate, light, grass-scented green tea flavours offer an invigorating tea indulgence in combination with the expressive, sweet and tangy flavours of red berries. Lavender blossoms add a slightly flowery flavour.


Ingredients: green tea* (94%), spearmint*, cornflower blossoms*, natural spearmint flavouring. *organic farming

Green Gunpowder and aromatic spearmint are the main ingredients of this famous classic. The flavour of natural spearmint aromas offers a spicy freshness with a slightly sweet afternote.


Ingredients: green tea (90%)*, lemon peel*, lemon grass*, natural lemon flavouring and natural flavour, marigold blossoms*.

*organic farming

Delicate green tea, refined with lemon peel and scenty lemon grass, receives a nippy, slightly spicy note thanks to fine ginger and lemon flavours.

Ingredients: green tea (84%), cinnamon pieces, flavouring, sunflower blossoms, pink peppercorns.

A wonderful fruity and spicy indulgence, not only delicious on cold days. The delicate decoration of sunflower blossoms and small red peppercorns puts you into the right mood.