Domestic Fruit Varieties

Ingredients: black tea*, natural flavouring, raspberry leaves, freeze-dried blackcurrants and strawberry pieces. *organic farming

A strong and aromatic flavour of blueberries is combined with sweet strawberry flavours and gives the traditionally full-flavoured black tea a wonderfully fruity aroma.


Ingredients: green tea (68%), rose hip peel, elderberries, flavouring, freeze-dried strawberry, raspberry and rhubarb pieces.

This full-bodied as well as sweet and fruity flavour combination can be seen as a true classic. Matched with the aroma of green tea you receive a nicely fresh and fruity-sweet tea indulgence.


Ingredients: green tea (94%), flavouring, pink rose petals, lavender blossoms, whole cardamom.

The delicate, light, grass-scented green tea flavours offer an invigorating tea indulgence in combination with the expressive, sweet and tangy flavours of red berries. Lavender blossoms add a slightly flowery flavour.


Ingredients: green tea* (94%), spearmint*, cornflower blossoms*, natural spearmint flavouring. *organic farming

Green Gunpowder and aromatic spearmint are the main ingredients of this famous classic. The flavour of natural spearmint aromas offers a spicy freshness with a slightly sweet afternote.


Ingredients: apple pieces*, pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), apple cubes, natural flavouring (lactose), freeze-dried strawberry pieces. *organic farming

This combination of apple and pineapple pieces results in a sweetly tangy tea infusion. Delicate fruit flavours of strawberries, combined with yoghurt and cream complete this blend.


Ingredients: rose hip peel, hibiscus blossoms, apple pieces, orange peel, raspberry leaves, flavouring, freeze-dried whole raspberries.

This full-bodied fruit tea base receives its fine, fruity tanginess from the hibiscus and a well-balanced sweetness from the apple pieces. Fruity, creamy and fresh raspberry flavours complete this harmonic indulgence.


Ingredients: sultanas, hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, raisins, flavouring, freeze-dried strawberry slices, freeze-dried whole blackberries and raspberries, freeze-dried sour cherry pieces, blueberries, blackcurrants.

This strong fruit tea basis receives its full-bodied character thanks to the large proportion of sultanas and elderberries. Flavours of fruity-tangy blackcurrants and creamy vanilla make this blend the epitome of tea indulgence.


Ingredients: rose hip peel*, hibiscus blossoms*, apple pieces*, orange peel*, freeze-dried mango cubes*, natural flavouring, freeze-dried strawberry pieces*, sunflower blossoms*, cornflower blossoms*. *organic farming

This nippy fruit tea blend was formed using only organic fruits and flowers and impresses with its fresh, fruity flavour as well as the natural flavours of sweet strawberries and exotic mango.



Ingredients: apple pieces*, lemon peel*, marigold blossoms*, natural lemon flavouring and natural bergamot oil, blue cornflower blossoms*. *organic farming

This light, refreshing indulgence will quickly become a hot seller. The fruity, sweet apple aromas are perfectly combined with a hint of lemon on this mild fruit tea base.


Ingredients: Rooibos tea, apple pieces, rose hip peel, raisins, flavouring, rose petals, freeze-dried strawberry pieces and whole raspberries.

This blend is characterised by its high proportion of fruit pieces. The aromas of heavy, strong and smoothly sweet berries as well as vanilla offer a very fruity variety among the Rooibos blends.



Ingredients: lemongrass*, apple pieces*, raspberry leaves*, peppermint*, natural flavouring, natural spearmint flavouring, freeze-dried strawberry pieces*, cornflower blossoms*. *organic farming

An invigorating freshness of high quality peppermint is supported by the tangy flavour of lemongrass and refined with the natural flavour of ripe blueberries. This tea is perfected by the cooling effect ot delicate spearmint oil.